Miroslav Antic

Born on 1950 in Zemun, Republic of Serbia, Yugoslavia

Nationality: Serbian

Graduated from the College of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Belgrade

Length of service: 35 years

Where the world's media stops, Miroslav's Antic work begins

Miroslav Antic isn't your everyday sort of guy. He's done a lot. Seen a lot. Been around a lot. Some people might think his word is the truth. Others might think of him as a keyboard guerrilla.

Born in Serbia, in 1950, Miroslav is actually a Power Engineer. He has been one since the age of 20. It's not what he does in the real world that attracts us though. It's his virtual stuff -- Miroslav's Web Page ANTIC.org ( The Serbian News Network News Portal ) -- that does.

His site goes against conventionality. It concentrates on under-reported news, forgotten scams, guerrilla warfare and what not. In its creator's words, "It is about the dissimulation, falseness, double-dealing, political and journalist prostitution and propaganda."

What prompted you to set up Miroslav's Web Page ?

I started it in 1995, during the war in Yugoslavia. While surfing online, I realised that even mainstream media journalists weren't aware of that fact -- or, what was even worse -- didn't want to accept it, that the former Yugoslavia didn't exist any more.

Is the site truly a one-man effort?

Yes, this is really a one-man site. I use WYSWIM -- What You See Is What I Made, down to every line of code. I know there are excellent content editors, but I prefer being a sort of Internet Sinatra, doing things 'My Way'. No help needed. I even cook my coffee by myself.

What draws you to the world of wars and guerrilla warfare?

You could ask the same question to thousands of my visitors, too. Almost all of them come by submitting the key word 'war' to their search engines.

What kind of feedback do you get? Any threats?

No threats at all. Though, at times, I think that isn't a good sign.

How does online journalism compare with traditional journalism?

It is not comparable, first of all, because it should be the same. So-called online journalism is, or should be, simply journalism using new information technology. There is no good or bad journalism; there are only good and bad journalists.

Each time has its primary source of information. Today it is the television, but I think the next one will be TV combined with the Internet, and not the Internet alone.

Online journalism suffers from a crisis of credibility. How can this be overcome?

Media credibility was always a matter of its audience's judgment. And that is the only freedom and credibility one can count on. I would say that it is not 'online journalism' that is in crisis. In fact, thanks to online journalism, it is traditional media (newspapers, radio and TV) that should take more care than ever before putting out what they consider to be verified 'truth'. They know that average Internet users can compare it with other sources in a matter of seconds and draw their own conclusions.

Does your site have a political agenda? Or do you try and represent all views through the links you provide?

I am not sure whether one could call it a political agenda or not. I am just trying to help people get usually under-reported news and sources so that they can go for a news coverage comparison. But I would never suggest what "the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth" is. I do believe the average people is capable of drawing his or her own conclusions. I hope I'm helping them create their own criteria for judging who is who or what really happened.

Why don't you accept advertisements on your site?

My opinion about online advertisements is that too many of them could suffocate a Web site and scatter visitors. The main reason why I don't have advertising is because my Web hosts gave me a lot of space on their servers free, for my home site in Canada and the US, so I can't use it for commercial purposes. But I'm afraid I'm just the last Web romantic in cyberspace.

How do you manage to populate your site with so many links?

It's a result of many sleepless nights and days of surfing, but I'm also a subscriber to many Internet lists, newsletters and forums. Visitors suggest certain sources too.

How does it feel to be well known one-man shows online?

When I started out, I wanted to be different. I did my best doing that. More than 30.000 hits so far, and counting.